Y by yves saint laurent

   When I heard one of my favorite fragrance brands was coming out with a new men’s fragrance, I jumped with happiness. According to Yves Saint Laurent’s description of the name Y, it’s a nod to those born in the 80’s & 90’s. However this title is very debatable because some consider Generation Y to be born after 1996. Regardless the aim of this fragrance is the millenial generation and the young crowd.

    Y is inspired Inspired by the iconic Yves Saint Laurent white t-shirt and black jacket.  Bergamot of course is used in this along with  sage and ginger for a  sharp juicy freshness and to “challenge convention and exceed all expectations” At its base balsam fir, cedarwood and marine ambergris. 
   So as I said, I was really excited for a new fragrance. Personally I like the scent. There’s an issue here though. The fragrance smells like their L’homme fragrance. That’s why I like it, but that’s why I also am going to pass on this fragrance. The fragrance is nice but brings nothing new to the game. It’s a very “play it safe” scent.

   I had mixed reactions from people. Both male and female persons who smelled it on me either liked it or felt “meh”.  No one hated it though which is exactly what I mean by “play it safe”.  Definitely a blind reach spray on and exit the door scent.  Personally for versatile scents there are better options out there for you to go after for yourself. Regardless with the holiday shopping season coming up, you can’t go wrong with grabbing this one. The bottle is nice and the scent is good.
House of Parfum gives it a 5/10 fragrance rating

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