Xeroff 40 Knots

Inspired by exclusivity to the rich and famous. Join the Club line from XEROFF brings you 10 perfumes all with a theme. 10 virtual clubs if you will and by that we mean “make believe”. 40 Knots, launched in 2012 is a Yachts Club, as you might have guessed already from the blue color and nautical themed name.
 The bottle is gorgeous and made of premium blue glass not tinted glass. They are rare and made in limited quantities. 
The ingredients are kept secret for this line unless you own it. It’s part of the marketing gimmick to bring a little mystery and allure. However we do know that Salt, Cedarwood, Seawater, and green notes are included.

The fragrance opens at first to myself smelling like Spicebomb but quickly evolves into an aquatic scent. It can smell like the inside of a sauna, with the woody notes mixed with vapors. I can see this fragrance on a woman wearing an all white dress on a yacht. Honestly while it’s unisex I don’t see this on a gentleman not from what I’ve gathered sampling this.

It definitely feels luxury and niche, that factor is there. However for what you’re really left with it’s not entirely mind blowing. There are many aquatic scents out there that would beat this out of the water during a blind sniff test.

Now does this fragrance live up to the hype and marketing? The answer to that is NO.  However that does not mean this isn’t a great scent. It just does’t command the price tag that it does. It’s a creamy, very elegant and refreshing but doesn’t feel modern. Feels like a fragrance out of the 90s.  House of Parfum rating of 7/10

One thought on “Xeroff 40 Knots

  1. I found this juice to be nothing shy of Exquisite. To me it says luxurious, high seas yachting. To me it smells very modern and lush. Tastefully aromatic/spicy and woody, yet breezy and marine aquatic simultaneously. A feat not easily accomplished. Hate it or love it, it’s a Xerjoff so needless to say the blend and quality are Premium with effortless 12 hour longevity. An enigmatic fragrance I highly recommend sampling.

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