VIKING by Creed

A huge thank you to Creed for the opportunity to sample the newest from their house, VIKING.
Creed Boutique reached out to my Instagram feed (UpTheNose) to sample the new Creed Viking. Of course excited to try a new scent from one of my favorite perfume houses. So the following are my thoughts on this fragrance.
The package arrived beautifully done with a message in a bottle touch. Inside an explanation of the fragrance and a link for sample that is no longer available.  VIKING is a men’s fragrance, and while many fragrances that although marketed to either sex can be worn unisex, this is not the case with VIKING. So ladies, this one isn’t for you. Viking marks the brand’s first major men’s scent since the introduction of the cult best-selling Aventus in 2010. 

This scent is a departure from their more airy and fresh scents. Much closer in style to Royal Oud if you have ever smelled that one. Top notes of Pink Pepper will hit you at first whiff. My first impression of this fragrance was that it smells like the classic and old school Old Spice cologne, except this is a much more niche version of that. It is funny that the bottle colors also reminiscent of the classic Old Spice bottle. There is notes of sea salt and also some fruity notes in there to balance it all out. 
I can’t stand the bottle personally, but back to the fragrance. I do not recommend this fragrance for formal wear or dressed up. This is a versatile scent for everyday use. More of a blind reach, spray and walk out the door scent. It’s spicy/peppery but not a winter spice. Very good for the summer/spring which makes it nice as most fragrances in that genre are more winter suitable. 

I rate this fragrance an 8/10. I feel that is a very fair rating. This is however a very fragrance for what you’re getting especially since Creed just got rid of their 4oz bottles. At their new 3.3oz bottle this fragrance retails for $495 and $350 for their 1.7oz bottle. I believe this to be very overpriced, great fragrance nonetheless.

Bellow you’ll find my first impression video.

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