VELVET ROSE & OUD by Jo Malone

Darkest Damask rose. Rich and textural, wrapped with smoky oud wood. Spiked with clove, decadent with praline. Magnetic.

Velvet Rose & Oud is available as scented candle.
Jo Malone has created a Middle Eastern masterpiece with this one. I’m reminded of  the Emirates on my travels in the Arab world. There’s many Oud fragrance out there now saturated in the Western fragrance market but Jo Malone’s stands out more than many others I’ve had the pleasure of smelling.

The floral rose and sweet praline stands out, the oud and clove is strong and masculine. Its a mysterious and hypnotic scent, and leaves a major impression on everyone that comes in contact with it. Sensual and Romantic comes to mind, this is not an office scent and should be used specially for a night out. It’s feminine but unisex at the same time which makes it great for men and women.
Downsides are it doesn’t last as long as it should. Jo Malone fragrances are very expensive for being an Eau de Cologne, yet they are very unique and special. 
Velvet Rose and Oud gets an 8/10 rating.

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