Valentino Uomo arrived on the market in the beginning of 2014 in Europe, Russia and the Middle East, and 2015  in Asia, Latin and North America. Olivier Polge created it with  woody notes in the base which are particularly highlighted in this edition. The composition opens with bergamot and myrtle, succeeded in the heart by roasted coffee combined with gianduja cream, on a rich base created of cedar and precious leather.

Great for the office or formal setting, It has a  nutty, spicy, sweet and manly smell. A very much gourmand fragrance. It smells like an Italian pastry, you’ll love it so much you won’t care it doesn’t project as strongly. The mid dominates the scent with a hazelnutty, chocolate scent with some bergamot to open it and a slight leathery woody scent to close it out. Uomo will last you about eight hours. Uomo can work in colder winter days/nights and fall. Uomo is a date scent and close encounter scent but can also work in a work setting.

Edition Noir of Uomo starts very lemonysweet with warm undertones of soft leather, chocolate and nuts. Very warm and definitely gourmand. There is a nice coffee vibe in there as well. This is so great for women as well , completely unisex. Honestly completely indistinguishable from the original. Except for the bottle.

Uomo Intense is announced as the more intense, charismatic and masculine version of the original. The composition is suave leathery, deep and bright; a typical Italian fragrance style. While the original fragrance represents white leather, the new version brings the intense scent of black leather. The top notes contain sage oil and fresh mandarin. The heart notes include iris absolute and tonka bean, laid on a base of black leather and vanilla bean.

Overall great fragrance, not versatile and a perfect blind buy for a collector but if you’re searching for a “signature scent” I’d test this one out before you commit as it is really meant more for special occasions like a formal event or date night.

House of Parfum scent rating of 8/10


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