Santal 33 by Le Labo

Le Labo Santal 33

If you’re unfamiliar with Le Labo, here’s a quick introduction. Le Labo was founded in New York by Fabrice Penot and Edouard Roschi in 2006. They debuted with 10 fragrances. The number in the fragrance name indicates the number of notes in its composition and the name of prominent note.
Now lets talk about Santal 33.
This is not like Dyptique’s Tam Dao , no freshly cut sandalwood smell here. The sandalwood in this fragrance while is the main note, is not overwhelming. It is overpowered by virginia cedar, cardamom, violet, papyrus, leather, amber and iris. Created by Frank Voelkl and launched in 2011. 

It’s a beautiful scent, unisex, and extremely versatile. These are factors that are important when wearing a scent. Great for the office, just don’t over do it. It has this very hippy vibe, but a clean sophisticated and dressed up hippy. This is the suit and tie hippy scent, if there was such a thing. The leather note is also a nice smooth creamy leather, nothing too in your face or offensive. 

Longevity is great. There’s a mysterious vibe with this fragrance. Starts with leather in the opening, followed by faint whiffs of cardamom, crisp papyrus, and sweet creamy sandalwood. It is a unisex fragrance like all of Le Lebo’s line but I do think this one leans a minute bit masculine. 

House of Parfum rating of 7/10


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