Myrrh & Tonka by Jo Malone London

An oriental fragrance for women and men. Myrrh & Tonka was launched in 2016 with mathilde Bijaoui being the nose behind the fragrance. Top note is lavender; middle note is myrrh; base notes are vanilla, tonka bean and almond. 

The ultimate winter fragrance to get you noticed with. Unlike most Jo Malone fragrances with weak performance, this is a complete opposite. Siliage will be noticed. Wore this this the first time and had people wondering what on earth I was wearing. Being not a mainstream perfume house it’ll garner attention due to not something people are familiar with.You will get a fresh tonka bean, myrrh and vanilla, without messing with the richeness and density of those notes. As it starts to settle down, the freshness starts to fade away and the sweetness becomes more present, but never cloying.

You can wear it to the office, upscale events, and fancy dates but in my opinion this scent is too classy to wear to a club. Unisex scent but makes a beautiful gentleman fragrance. You’ll enjoy the almond accord when it becomes more apparent in the dry down which is quite enjoyable.

Overall this is a 10/10 rating from House of Parfum.

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