Moonlight in Heaven by Kilian

Tropical is the what comes to mind when I smell one of the newest fragrances from the house of By Kilian. Moonlight in Heaven was launched in 2016 with Calice Becker being the nose behind it.

Top notes: grapefruit, lemon and pink pepper

Middle notes: coconut, rice and mango

Base notes: tonka bean and vetiver

It’s clean but warm ,aromatic and mouthwatering ! I started off with a sample of this fragrance but within a day I already decided to get it. Overall, the experience is an odd one. It mainly comes off like a fruity/floral mix, which I generally regard as a feminine combination when the fruits are not strictly citruses. The sweet mango with the tonka beans makes this scent one of the best I’ve ever taken pleasure of smelling.

As many men seem to like it, it is reasonably unisex and wearable, but performance is mediocre, as it projects for a little while and dries down reasonably quickly.It leans towards a feminine scent but definitely a unisex fragrance and the right confident man can very much pull this one off. The opening is sophisticated and fine, pure luxury in a bottle.



The bottle retains the signature By Kilian bottle with the etched Achilles shield on the side edges. However this bottle,unlike the black and white bottles of earlier By Kilian, has a stunningly beautiful shade of blue. It reminds me of Tanzanite.

Overal I give it a 7/10 rating. This is HEAVEN for sure!

1.7 oz bottle will run you $280 which is normal for By Kilian fragrances. The bottle is refillable with the $160 bottle and refill funnel kit as all By Kilian fragrances are.

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