Les Parfums Louis Vuitton

In September of 2016, Louis Vuitton launched their new Les Parfums Louis Vuitton fragrance line. A collection of seven olfactory emotions. The collection was created by renowned French perfumer, Jacques Cavalier Belletrud. Understated clear glass bottles. And lots of flowers. Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud, Louis Vuitton’s master perfumer created the seven fragrances from “close to 90” fragrances worked on throughout the project – using the very lightest touch. “Fluidity, light, nature. Modern, and dedicated to femininity,” is how he described his inspiration. “There is no common thread connecting them as such… except I wanted them to create a very emotional reaction,” he says. The perfumes are all unisex. The beautiful apothocary design yet still very luxurious look of the bottles were created by Marc Newsom and French actress Léa Seydox is the face of the new Louis Vuitton fragrances.

#1 Rose Des Vents (Translation: Pink Winds)
a sparkling floral fragrance, contains May rose from Grasse, with two additional types of roses, iris, cedar and spices. Very bright and romantic feminine scent. This is a fragrance I could never get tired smelling on a woman.

#2 Turbulences

Opulent Turbulences contains jasmine from Grasse, tuberose, musk, magnolia, rose and leather.
This was my least favorite of them all. I found it to be too strong on the tuberose.


Made of leather, musk and floral notes such as , jasmine, daffodil and magnolia.When worn on the skin, it’s as if you’re wearing a luxury brand high-quality leather jacket. Found it to be interesting, but it’s not unique and it doesn’t justify the price tag on it.

#4 Apogée (Translation: Against Me)

Apogee, a delicate floral fragrance, features Grasse jasmine as the main ingredient with lily of the valley, rose, magnolia, guaiac wood and sandalwood. This is the softest of all the scents and is just that “fresh” scent that is work friendly.  It’s beautiful!

#5 Contre Moi (Translation: The summit)

For the Vanilla lovers, this one is for you. It’s a mixture of an oriental scent of vanilla with orange flower, rose and magnolia petals. Pure heaven!

#6 Matière Noire (Translation: Dark Matter)

Matière Noire is the scent of contrasts, which consists of airy cyclamen, narcissus, jasmine, blackcurrant, patchouli and oud. This scent just smells sexy and it’s perfect for a man like myself. It’s also a great scent for any woman out on the town. Featuring a blend of dark wood and white flowers, I just couldn’t stop sniffing my wrist. I had the opportunity to further sample this one longer because I really fell in love with it.

#7 Mille Feux (Translation: Thousand Lights)

The scent of signature leather with raspberry and osmanthus. A more expensive, feminine and fruitier Tom Ford Tuscan Leather, but of way worse quality and performance, unimpressed with the lack of originality and quality. That’s not to say it’s not a great fragrance but I expect more from a designer brand than to copy others.

So overall my two favorites I narrowed it down to are Apogee and Matière Noire. These two I couldn’t stop smelling on my wrists. The fragrances aren’t for everyone and on the very high end of the spectrum as far as price goes.

140 ml is $240 (refill is $150)
200 ml is $300
To purchase the Les Perfumes Louis Vuitton you can shop online or visit your local Louis Vuitton boutique

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