Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier

Le Male ,  so iconic it can’t be missed on shelves. We’ve all seen the famous bottle from Jean Paul Gaultier. A unique fragrance so seductive and irresistible for women it just can’t help itself but be magnetically attractive to anyone that crosses in it’s path.

The base contains vanilla, tonka bean, sandalwood and cedarwood and it was created in 1995 by legendary purfumer Francis Kurkdjian. Le Male is worth the hype. It’s different, manly, young and has very good performance. However it’s not a quality fragrance but for daily use it’s a good option since it’s very versatile.

Le Male is a  great fragrance all around, the scent is crisp and clean and the women love it, applied properly its not offensive at all. This is not the beast of a fragrance  it once was due to many new fragrances since its debut however that is also a positive thing as people have moved on to newer fragrances it makes Le Male a unique fragrance among a sea of many other common male scents being worn today.

Le Male has sparked many flankers but the original still stays a classic. This is the Chanel No. 5 of the male fragrance world if you will. Don’t believe people telling you this is a weak fragrance. It garners compliments, the longevity is incredible and the projection is above average.  Do not waste your money on trying to find vintage bottles of this fragrance as the reformulation has not changed much at all and it’s still the same classic we all know and love.  We highly recommend this be used during colder fall and winter times. A couple sprays is enough for this workhorse of a scent to get you noticed.

Do you wear Le Male, what are you thoughts on this fragrance ?


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