JULIETTE HAS A GUN, the Discovery Kit

Surrounded by fashion and creation since childhood, Romano Ricci the great grandson of fashion legend Nina Ricci, has his family heritage to thank for being surrounded by fashion and creation since childhood. Driven to prove he could succeed by himself and express his own universe, he apprenticed in the perfumery world for 4 years, learning amongst the greatest, and then persuaded Francis Kurkdjian, the master of perfumery, to work with him. 

“Juliette has a gun”  launched in December 2006, a brand Romano dedicated to women.
Romano envisioned the innocent Juliet of Shakespeare transposed to the 21st century with a gun, the metaphor for the perfume, a weapon of seduction. The “Gun” essentially symbolizes the liberation of women towards men and sometimes with an aftertaste of revenge.

The brand’s fragrance bottles were designed by Sylvie de France.

MMMM… is a unisex scent that mixes distilled neroli, jasmine sambac, and iris butter. It features notes of caramel, fresh raspberries, sandalwood, a dash of patchouli, and icing sugar for a fragrance that elicits a delicious sigh. A sparkling floral, powdery sweet but not juicy sweet. The sparkle comes from the dominant and delicious Raspberry note. Mmmm is all you’ll be thinking the minute you take a sniff of this fragrance. 

Miss Charming is a fragrance that embodies a young, natural, and charmingly innocent woman. The sweetness of rose and ripe fruit plays over a bewitching base of musk.
Moroccan rose, strawberry and Lychee. The Nose behind it is renowned perfumer Francis Kurkdjian whose use of lychee defines the rose creates a simultaneously sweet and sour fragrance. A little bit boozy and the drydown is just rose with a hint of musk. It lasts for maybe 4 hours and during that time, doesn’t project much from the skin. But a lovely fragrance and highly recommended.

Gentlewoman is an eau de cologne composed around the traditional floral notes of neroli and bergamot, but twisted with almond essence 
“With Gentlewoman, I wanted to give women a dash of dandy. Modern, daring, I envy her freedom, her taste, her look.”—Romano Ricci. 

Smells like cheap hotel bar soaps. Very bitter. The mix of neroli and musk ends up smelling like bathroom cleanser. This one is a complete pass and not recommended. The worst from JHaG.

Mad Madame is green chypre fragrance revolving around metallic notes of rose oxyde, blackcurrant bud absolute, and woody, modern ambroxan—fusing explosive and feminine traits. At the middle patchouli, tuberorse, moss, and jasmine laid on a base of white musk, Tolu balsam, vanilla absolute and castoreum.
Mad madame is “Vintagesque” but very modern. Has that “chypre bite”, which is beautiful, but can also be extremely off-putting with its masculine animalic musk.  This is the mature fragrance in the “Discovery Kit” and a musk bomb. Don’t expect a lovely rose fragrance or let the gorgeous bottle fool you into a blind buy. This one should be tested before buying.

Lady Vengeance is rich, sophisticated and screams undeniable femininity. The elegant but thorny Bulgarian rose marries dark patchouli and succulent vanilla to draw a fine line of elegance, contemporary and divinity.

Second favorite after Miss Charming. This is a beautiful rose fragrance that makes you feel at ease. This could very well be the best Rose/Patchouli fragrance ever created. Lady Vengeance will fill a room with only one spray. Long lasting, and sillage is phenomenal! 

“An original name for an original fragrance” But it’s exactly opposite of the second claim. Another Oud is version 2.0, a unisex sequel to Midnight Oud. Made to be an ultra modern interpretation of the famous ingredient, created of deep woodsy notes with key ingredients surrounded by fruit and tamed with musk and Ambroxan. 
Very masculine in western culture unless you’re an Emerati woman wearing this in Dubai, you’ll smell odd. The Oud isn’t special and a complete pass. The name is correct, this is just “Another Oud”. While it has a quirky tongue in cheek name that makes us curious, it fails to deliver. There are better Oud fragrances out there.

A breath of freshness, simplicity, softness and carefreeness. It is described by epithets such as quirky, outlandish and nonchalant. ANYWAY is a versatile simple and original unisex fragrance.
Made from only fifteen ingredients of musky, woody, white floral and citrusy character. With top notes of neroli and lime for citrusy burst. At the heart lies jasmine while the base is composed of molecules of hedoine and ambrox along with musk.

 “In the new story, Juliette doesn’t seem to look at men as pray as in previous editions, but as partners in everyday life” 

“Not a Perfume” is a provocative declaration which does not follow the rules of modern perfumery. The fragrance is made out of a single element called Cetalox or Ambroxan, used in perfumery as a base note, here playing the lead role. The result is an entirely allergen free fragrance.

I can describe it as a watered down version of Prada Candy. Uncomplicated, simple, and refreshing. If laying on fresh grass looking at the clouds on a sunny day was a perfume, this is what it would be.  The very unique chemical aroma from ambroxan played up and smoothed with amber and musk. It is a very beautiful scent. This is a fragrance that will smell different on different people and recommend you test this one before you commit due to needing a strong nose to notice the beautiful composition.

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