Instagram, Photography, and Perfumes. An interview with Marjolijn

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Instagram is an outlet for many to share their art and hobbies. For Marjolijn, two worlds collide,  perfume and photography. She’s at over 400 posts with a niche following. Niche is the game here. While everyone loves fragrances, not everyone is a connoisseur. I reached out to Marjolin with some questions:

1.  How did your love for perfume start ?
My love for perfumes started when I was little. The perfumes my mother used to wear, or visiting a warehouse were all those beautiful bottles were displayed. I’ve been very intrigued by them for as long as I can remember. I remember my best friend and I would make “rose water”, nothing more than roses in a bucket full of water. Later on trips to Dubai, my love for Oud fragrances started. My first “niche” experience was when I discovered Tiempe Passate by Antonia’s Flowers, a whole new world was discovered. 

2. Have you always been a photographer?

No, I was not. I always liked photography, but it’s still a hobby so far.  It started here on Instagram, obviously. I love perfumes and perfume bottles and I tried to take pictures of them one day. I fell in love with taking photos.


3. What was the first fragrance bottle you purchased for yourself.

My very, very first bottle I ever bought must have been Maroussia, an oriental very sweet perfume.  I really can’t stand that scent anymore, but back then I thought I smelled heavenly. Not long after that I discovered Guerlain’s Mitsouko, wich is still one of my signature scents.

4. Do you showcase your art style of photographing perfumes outside of Instagram ?

No, not yet. But who knows in the future.

5. What perfume would you love to photograph but have not had the chance yet ?

That’s a little difficult as there are so many gorgeous bottles out there. I’d love to photograph those rare, vintage Guerlain Baccarat  bottles. Always on the search for vintage bottles anyway, like the ones from Guerlain, Dior and Chanel.

6. How many fragrances do you own ?

Haven’t counted, but I think around 200, that also includes some mini bottles.

7. What inspires you most ? 

Life itself inspires me. The things we and other people go through, and the way little children look at certain things. We kind have lost that along the way.  When it comes to shooting photos, I get inspired the most by flowers, spices, colors, and things I find in nature. Always looking for things i can use, and keeping my eyes open.

8. Favorite type of fragrance ?

I really like a lot of types depending on the weather and mood, but I usually go for the oriental, spicy, and woody types.

9.You’re most disappointing fragrance you tried ? 

I hate saying a fragrance is disappointing, because I believe they were always made with the greatest love and care by someone. But if I must choose it’s one I’ve tried recently, Ambre D’Or by Il Profvmo. I love amber and it’s a beautifuly made perfume but unfortunately it didn’t work out on my skin. 


2 thoughts on “Instagram, Photography, and Perfumes. An interview with Marjolijn

  1. It is such a pleasure to see such a kind, sweet and beautiful woman as Marjolijn been interviewed about her passion for perfume and photography. I follow her on IG, love her gallery. and consider her a friend, someone who I support on that platform and she supports me as well. We both share in our mutual love of scents and respect for the creative process, from “flower” to nose to bottle. I really enjoyed reading this interview and Marjolijn’s answers highlighted the depth of her perfume intelligence perfectly.
    Also very glad to discover your site😊

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