HAMMAM BOUQUET by Penhaligons

William Penhaligons launched Hammam Bouquet back in 1872 and to this day it still is the very same fragrance as it was when it first hit the Penhaligons shelves. The word “Hammam” comes from the arabic word for “bath”. The Turkish bathhouse “hammam” which this fragrance was inspired by was located in Jermyn Street, London. The same street which William Penhaligon opened his shop. It proved the inspiration for his fragrance.

This is a woody fragrance, the top notes are lavender and bergamot; middle notes are bulgarian rose, orris root, jasmine and cedar; base notes are sandalwood, amber and musk.

A very complex  and unisex fragrance that only the very confident should ever attempt to wear. But if you can pull this fragrance off, it truly is intoxicating that’s refreshingly different from current florals and fruity/candy fragrances smelled everywhere on everyone these days. This fragrance is not for the modern man or women but for the classical personality. It has history and may not jive well with a modern trend. Older and sophisticated is more associated with this scent. This is for ladies who are mature in mind, humble, worldly and a tad mysterious. It is harder to pull off successfully today, as it was created in an age when the only people who could afford it were rich gentlemen of leisure.

The Victorians themselves were repressed emotionally and sexually, and they adored tales of the 1001 Nights, tales of decadence, intrigue and exoticism. In a way, this fragrance represents that. Exoticism in a bottle I would say, so it makes sense it was created by a Victorian man.

So if you’ve ever wanted to travel back in time  and capture Orientalism captured in a during the  Victorian era captured in a bottle. When you wear this, you feel special and exclusive. Imagine yourself knocking back a large Scotch with King Edward VII over a game of bridge.

House of Parfum rates this fragrance a 6/10


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