I’d like to start by saying that I absolutely don’t care for vetiver scents at all. Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way we can get into this review. 

Like all premium fragrances, the ingredients come from natural ingredients and one ingredient used in this fragrance heavily is Vetiver. What is Vetiver? It is a perennial bunchgrass native to India. Released in 2009,  the perfume announced as one with dominant vetiver, of course it’s in the name as well. It’s also accompanied with salty notes, woody accords along with citruses, spices, and precious wood. 
First thing I have to say about this fragrance is. Oh my the compliments. Yes, this is a scent that people will notice. It’s also a very masculine but elegant scent. It’s a beautiful blend of projecting class and elegance without smelling old. This is fresh and vibrant elegance. 

Every man should own a bottle of this. The dry down has an aura of manliness that women will take notice of. Very versatile, year round fragrance. Very much niche quality from the House of Tom Ford. You get a dry and  soapy, very clean smelling fragrance. Perfect for a crisp clean shirt daytime at the office. finely balanced fragrance that never becomes screechy or overpowering. This is why it’s perfect for both power dressing at the office or a casual weekend get-together. This can also work in a huge range of weather conditions, dressed up or dressed down. It will adapt to you. One of the best warmer weather fragrances from Tom Ford
House of Parfum rating of 9/10 for a truly amazing scent that you can’t go wrong with or blind buy.

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