Givenchy Gentlemen Only Absolute

Gentlemen Only Absolute, inspired by high fashion of the Givenchy house, is announced as the scent of contemporary refined and elegant men. Australian actor Simon Baker is the face of the new fragrance and the bottle is the same as the previous Gentlemen Only versions, this time sleek, matte and black with the label in silver thread on a silky red background. The bottle and the packaging are inspired by the gentleman’s silk lined tuxedo.
It has an oriental, woody and spicy composition embodying class, sophistication and style. Bergamot in the top is followed by a warm heart that contains a trio of spices: nutmeg, cinnamon and saffron. A combination of sandalwood and vanilla at the base of the perfume.
This fragrance is nothing new, it’s nothing spectacular, and honestly I’ve smelled before just can’t put my finger on exactly what it is. It’s an EDP but the performance much more EDT longevity and projection are unacceptable to be labeled an EDP concentration. By no means is any of that bad. This is a great fragrance. I enjoyed trying this one out and got good compliments back.
It’s a much more subtle toned down version of the more bubble gum club scents like Paco Rabanne One Million. Something you can wear really anytime. I don’t consider it a night time scent at all and much more day time and in cooler weather. The scent wears off rather quick which is a disappointment for a fragrance being labeled an Eau De Parfum.
Do I recommend this fragrance ?  Absolutely Yes, do I think its worth the price tag ? No, not for this EDT masquerading as an EDP. I would definitely try it out and see if you totally love it but you can’t go wrong with a blind buy of this. Its a safe scent you can’t go wrong with. It’s sexy, it’s new and would please anyone receiving it as a gift.

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