Fragrance Layering, what you need to know.

Some call it layering, some call it blending, mixing, and Jo Malone trademarked it as “Combining”. 
Whatever you may call it, the art of mixing two or more scents together has been used for ages by women have been using for ages. Not sure where to start? Many see it as a way to create a truly new and unique scent that no one else would be wearing. 

You want to start off with a heavier scent as a base, to not allow it to overpower any lighter additions. Layering a fragrance doesn’t necessarily mean spraying two perfumes directly on top of each other; it can start as early as when you apply a scented lotion after your shower. Or, you can spray one scent on your wrists and another on your neck.
Fresh scents are easier to compliment each other. Avoid combining two scents that are too dark and heady—they can be overwhelming when used together.

Some companies are even capitalizing on this idea, Jo Malone comes to mind which encourages blending and adding more Jo Malone fragrances that go great together. The’ve gone so far to trademarking their “Fragrance Combining”. This old concept isn’t new but new to many novice fragrance buyers who are intrigued. Great marketing technique on Jo Malone’s part.

Do you layer fragrance? Leave us a comment and let us know which two you love layering.

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