D&G The One Gentleman

To celebrate Dolce & Gabbana’s 20th anniversary of their men’s fashion line, a new fragrance was needed. The One Gentleman came out 2 years after the original with a launch in September 2010. 

 Matthew McConaughey, who also advertised  The One from 2008 has continued to be the face of the fragrance. This time instead of shirt unbuttoned and portraying sex, he’s suited up to be a gentleman.

Composition of The One Gentleman is based on oriental notes of pepper, fennel, lavender and cardamom, while a base is composed of vanilla and patchouli. 

Extremely disappointed with this version. The One Gentleman while keeping the original DNA and being much more fresher and brighter, has very, very poor performance. It barley lasts on your skin. The fragrance is great, the longevity is extremely low and weak projection.It’s a much more versatile scent than the original The One. This is an office friendly scent and blind buy safe as well.  Highly recommended for those who love to wear a fragrance but are around people who may be sensitive to overpowering fragrance. It’ll stay close to skin and not offend. 

House of Parfum rating of 5/10

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