Deep Euphoria by Calvin Klein

From the world famous New York fashion label CALVIN KLEIN comes a new fragrance for women, Deep Euphoria. It’s the brand’s first chypre floral fragrance in their portfolio. The face of the fragrance is actress Margot Robbie.

Calvin Klein women are confident, provocative and released, and Deep Euphoria woman embodies all these aspects with an additional layer of adventure.”

The Notes in this fragrance are as follows:

White pepper
Mandarin leaves
Black magic rose
Jasmine sambac
Mineral woods

The star ingredient is the Black Magic Rose. Those red roses with black edging around the petals. They offers a particularly alluring rose scent – perfect for a romantic evening scent.

This is Coco Mademoiselle mixed with a touch of original Euphoria. Similar to the discontinued YSL Elle, only lighter. THIS is a fragrance that you must have the right body chemistry to successfully pull off! It won’t work on all women but those who can pull it off will experience one of the sexiest rose scents ever created. The flowers are pretty nice and it’s far more floral than the first Euphoria. The dry down contains the base notes of woods and patchouli, and a bit of musk
This has been the best Euphoria flanker I’ve smelled in their Euphoria line of fragrances from Calvin Klein.  But like many other new flankers these days, other than sharing the same bottle and name of the previous versions, this scent is nothing like them and totally new.  Bottom line is if you love rose scents then this is a fragrance for you.
House of Parfum fragrance rating of 6/10.  Do you own this fragrance? Tell us what you think.

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