Coach the Fragrance

Coach has released a new signature scent for the brand, Coach the Fragrance released in September, 2016. It bears the same name as their 2007 scent but definitely a completely different creation and composition in this bottle. Stuart Vevers, the creative director says that the fragrance was designed to convey the spontaneous energy and cool vibe of New York City. Coach The Fragrance is “a fragrance that represents Coach’s free-spirited attitude…a scent that is individual, authentic, and cool.”

A very vibrant and floral composition. Top notes of raspberry leaf, pink pepper and pear, which represent the energy of New York. The heart includes  Turkish rose, laid on the base of suede musk and sandalwood, which symbolize the leather accessories that made the brand famous. The nose behind this fragrance is perfumer Juliette Karaguezoglou..

This was designed to be a mass produced, crowd-pleaser type of scent, but it doesn’t matter because I absolutely adore this fragrance. It’s a bright day time fragrance and full of energy. This is definitely for the young ladies or at least the young at heart. If you love rose scents, you’ll enjoy this because you’ll find that this isn’t and old lady fragrance which a lot of rose scents tend to be. It’s a bit young and modern which seems to be the target market of Coach with actress Chloe Grace-Moretz being their brand ambassador. Pleasant and office-friendly fragrance for those who do not wish to stand out in a loud, unique way. It lacks siliage and not a long lasting fragrance, it’ll be one that you’ll want to reapply to keep it fresh on you.

The has signature Coach details like the leather tag hanging from its side, the iconic turn-lock Coach handbag closure is turned into an atomizer for a very smart open/close function, and the horse and carriage emblem is engraved in the glass of the bottle because everyone loves the iconic buggy.

House of Parfum rates it an 8/10 fragrance. Just can’t get enough of smelling this one.

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