Café Rose by Tom Ford

ROSE, lets start with the obvious from the name. But where’s the “Café” ? This is a  Chypre Floral unisex fragrance launched in 2012. 
Top notes are saffron, black pepper and may rose; middle notes are turkish rose, bulgarian rose and coffee; base notes are incense, amber, sandalwood and patchouli.


Ignore all the talk about “Turkish” and “Bulgarian” rose. That’s just Tom Ford trying to fancy it up. The coffee note is barely there and once blended with the Patchouli, it creates a soft chocolatey scent.  The creamy sandalwood and saffron dies down quickly. The may rose in this fragrance smells like raspberries and thats the fruity vibe you get in this rose fragrance. Combined with the chocolatey nature and raspberry you end up with a valentines’s day raspberry chocolate scent.
It is a heavy dirty rose but the chocolate and the coffee all dies down super quick and you’re just left with a rose/raspberry scent. f you want a pure, natural rose but want an oriental red rose rather than the dozens of pastel pink rose scents out there, this is exactly what you’re looking for.

Beautiful rose fragrance indeed. But House of Parfum rates this fragrance an overall 5/10. There are rose scents out there for better value.

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