Aventus for Her

To celebrate Creed’s 250th anniversary, Creed launched Aventus, the masculine fragrance that has captured everyone’s attention and popularity. Creed decided to create its female version Aventus for Her, launched in June 2016. Creed says,  “Aventus for Her is inspired by some of history’s most powerful women—empresses, queens, and heads of state, who were Creed clients—as well as modern women everywhere who confidently shatter glass ceilings.”

Creed Aventus for Her is an irresistible fruity-fresh perfume, empowering, confident, and mesmerizing. It begins with top notes of patchouli, green apple, bergamot, lemon, pink pepper and violet. The middle notes are composed of Mysore sandalwood, rose, musk and styrax. The composition ends with a base of sweet peach, black currant, lilac, ylang-ylang and amber.

It’s been mixed feelings for this fragrance. While some love it for its fruity and sweet nature, others are hating for smelling like a musk bomb and full of ambroxan. “Ambroxan for Her” is a joke used to describe this fragrance by some who don’t like it.  While others find it to be a very pleasant fresh and fruity floral that opens with an apple, recalling a lot D&G Light Blue, and settles down after 6 hours in musky tone, similar of Aventus For Him. This can be described as a more high end version of D&G Light Blue. Also similar to Bond No. 9’s The Scent of Peace.

This is definitely not a blind buy fragrance and should be sampled and tried on before you commit. You may love it, you may absolutely hate it or find it similar to something less expensive. It’s a very expensive fragrance for the price of $405 (2.5oz.) compared to the $350 for the men’s original version. I feel that Creed is trying to capitalize on the original Aventus hype and raised the price on women for this version.

I give this fragrance a 5/10 for high price and nothing extremely special except for the Creed name it carries.

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