AVENTUS by Creed

Aventus, which has not become a legendary name among perfume enthusiasts and men who have fashion sense. It is an Eau de Parfum launched in 2010 by Paris-based perfume house Creed. The fragrance was  part of the celebrations for Creed’s 250th Anniversary and is inspired by Napoleon Bonaparte. Aventus is a fruity chypre fragrance. As a result of the inspiration, Olivier Creed used scents that lead back to Napolean like Blackcurrants from Corsica (where Napoleon was born), and Birch from Louisiana (which Napoleon ruled over for 4 years), are used.

Aventus garnered critical acclaim from fashion critics and the general public. Based on an average of 1312 votes on Basenotes it has a rating of 4.5 of 5 stars.  Awards for best niche fragrance, best fragrance 2013 and Best New Male Fragrance in Limited Distribution prize at the 2011 COPRA (Cosmetic & Perfumery Retailers Association) Awards are just some of the acclaim for this amazing men’s fragrance.

Aventus was and still is such a success, that Creed bill it as their most popular fragrance in their 250-year history. Erwin Creed said in an interview that without Aventus, Creed wouldn’t have opened their boutique on Madison Avenue, New York City

Top notes: blackcurrant, bergamot, apple and pineapple. Heart: rose, dry birch, Moroccan jasmine and patchouli. Base: oak moss, musk, ambergris, and vanilla.

Creed Aventus is the foundation to any male perfume aficionado, Very versatile, fresh and masculine. Aventus is the “go to” in terms of male niche fragrances that garners compliments, remains timeless and gives you sheer joy to wear. It lingers on your clothes as well and I can smell it on a shirt I wore the night before still lingering there and the smell is just amazing. 

While Aventus is amazing  there is a downside. Creed have sold themselves out with the popularity of this fragrance. Its available everywhere now and as a result is no longer exclusive. Aventus’ increase in popularity has resulted in two things: the price has soared, and men everywhere want to have it. Creed has lost its niche edge and now a more of just a very expensive perfume brand you can find at places like Nordstrom.

The popularity and hype of the fragrance has led to more demand and with more demand for a niche fragrance means slight variations in batches. Some claim they can smell the differences from batch to batch leading people to go as far as paying three times the retail price for “vintage” batches or specific batch numbers.
Different batch numbers, different colors.
Personally that’s just lunacy seeing how the Creed formula itself is a secret so to claim you can smell the difference down to the molecular level is just really silly. Aventus snobs have gone as far as ranking different batches of Aventus based on supposed differences in the quality of ingredients, never mind that they don’t know the recipe and ratio of ingredients.

With popularity and demand the price has increased on Aventus so much that Creed also retailed Aventus for Her at a higher release price than when Aventus came out, anticipating the hype and demand. So is Aventus completely worth the hype ? I believe so, it truly is a magnificent scent but I highly recommend it but if you’re working or surrounded by other niche fragrance snobs then it could feel not as unique due to others wearing it as well. People do like to claim that “everyone now wears this” and I feel that is completely untrue, this is still an expensive fragrance and not everyone out there is spending $300 to get Aventus. The average male is wearing a designer fragrance.

Creed is a 10/10 scent.

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