Armani Code Colonia

Armani Code is a 2004 masterpiece, followed by Code Profumo last year, 2017 Armani decides to give us Colonia. Chris Pine returns to be the face of the fragrance.
Colonia is announced as an elegant, sensual and attractive blend of light and deep notes in a simplistic composition that is easy to wear. This may sound as a refreshing idea at first since original code is really a date night scent and Profumo comes off too strong and synthetic, Colonia goes the exact opposite with fresh.
Citrusy start like all fresh scents, includes notes of bergamot, mandarin and pink pepper, at the heart of orange blossom, clary sage, and the base is woody/ambery, with accords of tonka bean and heliotrope. less sweeter and much airier, fresher way. After 10 minutes the top notes settle down and the Code dna opens up with a floral touch and thanks to the heliotrope note, you get a softer and fresher smell compared to Profumo.

Versatile ? yes. Fresh ? yes. But that is all it is. This fragrance is a huge let down and a weak flanker. If you want fresh then settle for Armani Code Sport, otherwise stick with the original Code. 

House of Parfum rating 5/10, nothing new and a pass.

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