About Us

Welcome to HOUSE OF PARFUM, a perfume blog.
15 years ago my love for fragrances started and ever since then the collection has grown and grown. I became fascinated with the art of it. My military service gave me the opportunity to travel the world and experience the rare and exotic, solid perfumes, pure oils, niche and the popular designer fragrances we all know and love. Fragrances can spark memories, they can make us feel confident, they can transport us to a state of euphoria. A fragrance is truly a work of art and just like a symphony of notes there is a beginning, middle, and end.

I’m not a professional perfumer, I am not a professional perfume grader. However I am a perfume connoisseur. The opinions contained within this blog are my own and House of Parfum does not get paid to review any product or affiliated with any brand.

“Perfume puts the finishing touch to elegance – a detail that subtly underscores the look, an invisible extra that completes a woman’s personality. Without it, there is something missing.— Gianni Versace”

House of Parfum is happy to receive samples to review and share.  Please contact me if you wish to work with me.  – Fouad Mohiadeen