1805 by Truefitt & Hill

Truefitt and Hill has been purveying luxury and men’s style for over 200 years.

1805 by Truefitt and Hill is the most popular fragrance from the brand, 1805 symbolizes the year of their foundation. It opens with notes of bergamot, mandarin and cardamom combined with lavender, geranium and clary sage heart. At the base  there’s sandalwood, cedarwood and musk. The formula was redone in 1999.

A very sophisticated scent, feels aquatic without the aquatic notes. Very citrusy, great longevity and projects very well. Its a versatile scent that feels very fresh. I’ve used the shaving cream and cologne and anytime used I feel transported. I no longer feel as if I was inside but on a beach somewhere with wild green pastures to my side and cold mountains with snow still visible.

I have honestly never met anyone who has ever smelled 1805 that didn’t like it. Just opening the lid of a 1805 shaving cream tub to smell puts you in a state of euphoria.  The bottles have an Old English vintage styling to them.

It’s truly one of the best men’s fragrances I’ve ever come in contact with. It’ll leave you feeling mature, confident and ready to take the day head on. It can be used year round but a great summer/spring fragrance for its freshness. Can be used for the casually day time dressed up. Sport jacket wear is perfect with this scent and fitting.  Overall, No Gentleman should be without a Truefitt & Hill fragrance of product in their grooming essentials. They are the true mark of a gentleman, a brand that catered to the likes of Winston Churchill, Frank Sinatra, Charles Dickens, Oscar Wilde, John Wayne, and Alfred Hitchcock are just a few of the legends who visited the legendary Truefitt & Hill barbershop.

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