Explore the the world of Niche fragrances, the rare, exotic and sought after in the perfume collecting world.
Men’s fragrances. The new, the flankers, and the classics. Every man wants that masculine scent and what is a gentleman without a signature scent.
Women’s fragrances to dazzle, allure, and leave a seductive trail. Every fashionable woman knows that you are never fully clothed without perfume.
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Welcome to House of Parfum.
If you are as intrigued by fragrances as we are, then you’re in the right place. Our goal is to bring the world of fragrances to you. Ever walked into a department store or perfume shop and wasn’t entirely sure if this was the right purchase for you? At House of Parfum, we love fragrances and we sample and test many to bring you a little more knowledge, history, and practicality of wearing a distinct fragrance. We’ll brake down what accords make up the scent and what time of season is best for it.
If you ever have a fragrance in mind you’d like us to a do a full review on, please contact us and we’ll do our very best to provide a full review on i
-a good smelling person